POI impressions (Combobox issue)

I’ve observed that POI is the most popular library to read/write excel files with java. Using poi I have implemented a class2Excel service that takes a class as an argument and generates an excel file by looking at the fields of the class. The idea is to generate an excel form for multiple entries of data. However I have this problem of excel comboboxes, on a jsp page, when trying to enter a new data, user selects from a combobox to enter the information about a field of the pojo for instance, the problem occurs here. I cannot port the entry mode of jsp form to the entry mode of an excel form. Because poi does not support to create a cell type of a combobox. The limitations faq at the poi home site states that pivot table thus comboboxes are not supported, so I’m stuck at this point. I hope the new version will support creating a cell type of a combobox.


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