Head First Design Patterns Book

Studying design patterns was never an interesting thing for me although I’ve always wanted to improve my skills on patterns. I’ve tried to read several books and articles on patterns, frankly speaking that was nothing more than pain. Boring uml diagrams, lots of text and ordinary examples. However I came across to the book ‘Head First Design Patterns’ and suddenly I figured out, this book is the one I was looking for a long time.

The book is like a comic book, it contains puzzles, lots of  pictures, interesting examples and more. For example I have never seen a decorator and an adapter talking to each other before 🙂 Reading this book is so much fun even it is talking about design patterns. I hope more Head First books will come up on different topics that I found boring.


One Response to Head First Design Patterns Book

  1. Head First is a good book to enhance knowledge very fast

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