JSF Chart Creator released in sourceforge jsf-comp

JSF Chart Creator is now released in a sourceforge project called jsf-comp. jsf-comp is a subproject of myfaces designed as a testing ground of myfaces. Due to a license issue my component cannot be included to myfaces for now but as a first step it has joined jsf-comp. Currently both distribution and source files are released, they can be found at the downloads section. Here are the links;

Also more info about the component and features can be reached here


6 Responses to JSF Chart Creator released in sourceforge jsf-comp

  1. Jubril says:

    What kind of Dataset can you use to populate Line graphs

  2. alina says:

    I have a very short question to JSF Chart Creator: Can it create also SVG graphics or is limited to PNG? If yes: where can I see the examples or explanations how to get them. If not: will it ever do?

    Thanks a lot for the info!


  3. Cagatay says:

    Jubril:Checkout the example web application, there is a specific page for line charts.

    Alina:Not for now but; As far as I know, it is possible with jfreechart which means it is also possible with JSF Chart Creator. This month I’ll make a new release of the component and added the output format feature to my todo list.

  4. Satish says:


    How do I plot a Logarithmic Axis on a Graph ? (JSF page or Bean??) how do i do tat with chartcreator?


  5. Mike says:


    I’m using JSF Chart Creator. It is an excllent jsf componnet. Are you planning to add new graphs creator like thermometer, meter graph etc?


  6. anferiro says:


    I’m using JSF Chart Creator, and I need create a Meter Graph, what can I do?


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