Ruby on Rails; The First Encounter

Last week I’ve attented a Ruby on Rails presentation given by master. It was a nice experience for me to see the famous Ruby on Rails in action. Firstly I must say I am impressed, developing an application is so rapid and agile. You don’t even need to restart the server, it is a dream for a J2EE developer:) The crud interfaces, active record orm, the controller practice, no metadata and etc. Also the RadRails Tool seems to be making life easier.

And now the things I don’t like, Ruby just does not attract me, all the symbols, attempts to do lots of work in a few lines and etc. Also I guess the active record orm will be inadequate in cases when the complexity grows up. It should include more mapping strategies rather than table per hierarchy. Compared to hibernate it seems too simple.

After the presentation I don’t feel any enthusiasm to go home, download radrails and try some hands-on approach. I don’t know, maybe my expectation was too much after reading lots of news and entries on Rails. It is definitely great to create simple applications like e-commerce sites, management tools and etc, ruby on rails seems to the best at productivity, however thinking the great complexity of the project I am working in now, it is just not very applicable in complex cases. In order to deal with complexity, you need some complexity.

I have a list of stuff of waiting to be practiced, like maven2, advanced aspectj, shale, facelets and etc. Personally I feel enthusiastic about these but I just don’t have it for Ruby on Rails(for now), maybe in the future who knows? Nevertheless I will continue keeping an eye on rails world.


3 Responses to Ruby on Rails; The First Encounter

  1. Matthias Wessendorf says:


    I saw a Rails presentation during european apacheCon, and I also thought about that active record may not be the best for complex stuff. I know nothing about Rails, but I have a book about, I am going to read.

    Right Maven2 (especially through its archetype) has something similar to Rails (see also David Geary on Maven2 –

    Also Ed Burns has an interesting blog entry… about “Bringing Ruby on Rails’s Flash to JSF” (

  2. the guy from the next cubic... says:

    yes active record cannot handle our complex anemic domain model. We have 655 hibernate mapping files for god’s sake!. But restarting the server is not a dream for a J2EE developer. If you design your infrastructure suitable for class (re)loading, you can build java files and load them into memory. And for hibernate’s sessionFactory, just put it into the jndi. (but that doesn’t work with WAS 🙂 ).

  3. Bob says:

    Try it with Oracle. You will be way less than impressed.

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