Night Programmer vs Day Programmer

I’ve came across an entry by Mitch Denny about Night and Day developers. I totally agree with him and want to add a couple of things from my point of view.

The night developers like to explore, compare and analyze the new tech stuff and always aware of what is going on outside. They have this criticizing point of view and like questioning the current environments.  Day programmers see this as a waste of time which I think causes them to be out of date sooner or later. Considering my project team, the number of day developers are much more than the night side, and I just do not have respect to a day developer and does not consider what he or she says as important. On the other hand, one can learn lots of things from a night developer and everyone in the team shows respect. Always the day people ask questions to the night people, the opposite is not likely.

Well I am definitely in the the night side of the force, last night after getting back home, because of wondering what AjaxAnywhere is capable of I played with it until 02.30 a.m. which makes me an early morning rather than a nightly developer I guess:) So which type of developer are you? Maybe the answer is obvious, I do not think a day developer will ever visit this blog or jroller.


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  1. Pollux says:

    Of course!

    I’am (I’m not sure) a day developper and I visit your blog!:-)

    I like to explore new tech but it is possible that this comes in fact from my buisness situation. I can surf on the net during my work because the job isn’t so hard and I surf on tech’s websites/blogs to improve my skills.

    However I’m more productive at home in the evening! So where is the truth? I don’t know but I belive that on day it’s possible to be curious and explore…

    See you

  2. zat says:

    Most of the programmers want to work at night of course but sometimes they are being forced to attend meeting and some stuffs even though they don’t want to.I think most of the developers who have a chance to work at night are those who do not need to attend meetings, who do not need to support the customer service and contract developers.I also want to work at night, more silent at night-time and more productive.

  3. zat, you are so right. Sometimes I start with something in the morning, then don’t get to write three lines of code all day, because there are so many people calling and/or coming to my desk. Then all of a sudden in the afternoon the number of people in the building drops tremendously, and that’s when I really get to finish what I started hours before.

  4. Mitch Denny says:

    Actually – the whole night vs. day thing was really for contrast. Its got nothing to do with when you cut your code, its more a state of mind.

  5. Cagatay says:


  6. I think Day vs Night is really a reflection on an attitude. If you want to know how to make the jump from day to night, i have some suggestions on a blog post:

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