How to do Pair Programming "By Yourself"

I’ve observed some code written by some guy in my day job and definitely this guy is doing pair programming although “he has no pair”. For example there is a method with 4-5 lines of code, the comment above it is generally 9-10 lines. It seems “Comment-Driven Development” is applied in this case. The interesting thing is when you read through the code, more comes out because the comment actually seems like a documentation of a dialog between two pairs. Like this one, just translated; Believe it or not it is real.

//This method is used for getting a collection of an entity in http session.
// It seems to be working, I should apply more cases.

// No! this method should not be located here, I’ve observed a utility for it in our utils package
// Let this one still be located here, I will remove it later after some more blah blah.

Here are some new practices I could derive from these,

1) Comment-Driven Development
2) Comment-First Design
3) Solo pair programming


3 Responses to How to do Pair Programming "By Yourself"

  1. Here are some other practices that i’ve usually seen around.

    Panic-Driven Development
    Panic-First Design
    System.out Programming

  2. and more..

    Meeting driven meeting
    Show-off First then Do-Nothing Development
    Model First Who Cares About the Rest Framework
    One for All Development

  3. mati says:

    I dunno maybe I am shallow but I laughed in real life after reading those.
    Meeting Driven Development I guess it should be. LOOOOOOL!

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