"PRO JSF and AJAX" book review

I was eagerly waiting for my shipment bringing me this book; “PRO JSF and AJAX”.  It was hell of a busy weekend however I’ve created some time to read it. I am writing this review after reading several chapters.

The topic is “PRO JSF and AJAX”, the difference from the other JSF books out there is, “this one is not for newbies”. I think this is the first jsf book ever created not for beginners. One of the things I like most is that, the book also covers JSF 1.2, it refers to the previous versions however mentions the changes in JSF 1.2, cool stuff!

Main focus is on custom component development, first chapter begins with the explaining deepest details of JSF and it jumps directly to the component stuff. Well, if you have read my blog before, you should know that I like writing custom components; JSF Chart Creator, Acegi-JSF, JSF Client Side Validators, JSF DHTML Component Tree and etc. Following is very important, if you are not interested in custom component development then this book is not necessary for you however if you like implementing custom components then this book is definitely a must.

Finally, about the authors, Jonas Jacobi and John Fallows. These Oracle people are experts in JSF and involved in ADF faces. I know some guy preordered the book just after checking the authors.


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