JSF Chart Creator Example Web Application

Almost every developer hates writing documentations right? I don’t like it either and in my view it must be the techical writers job. It does not change for me whether it is my day job or my open source hobbies, I just hate documenting instead I like to provide sample applications as examples, I did it for acegi-jsf components now it is time for chart creator.

JSF Chart Creator has a forum at jfree.org, referred from several jsf sites like jsftutorials, jsfcentral and myfaces is interested in it.(Damn the license issue by the way). Also I get nice feedback from the community and I guess people with commercial software on jsf charting do not like the free component. These are the good sides about it however frankly speaking the documentation is so bad. I’ve written a poor documentation at sourceforge jsf-comp but it was not enough. That’s why I’ve created a sample web application about how to create several charts using the component. The component supports up to 27 types of charts and I’ve shown almost all of them with different customizations. I’ve released it again at ex-testing ground of myfaces; jsf-comp.

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  1. Narin IŞIK says:

    I want to use chartcreator

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