Presenting JSF to People with Struts Background

Last week I’ve given a JSF presentation at a local seminar. The attendants are mostly developers with Struts background and I guess they are impressed after I showed the abilites of JSF. The topics I’ve talked about are the component model, events, state management, binding mechanism, IOC and managed beans, Ajax and Apache MyFaces. Here are some pictures from the presentation.

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Before the presentation, I made a new build of myFaces with maven2 to get the last example web applications to demonstrate several components from both tomahawk-sandbox like tree2,tabbed pane, datatable, fisheye(my favorite), chart creator(jsf-comp) and etc. Also since FacesTrace has an educational value in addition to it’s debugging JSF flow capabilities, I’ve used it to demonstrate what is going on behind the curtains of JavaServer Faces. In general I could say people really enjoyed the framework and realized how easy to create web applications with it, hope these add more to the popularity of the framework around here.


6 Responses to Presenting JSF to People with Struts Background

  1. Saif says:

    Where can we view the presentation?

  2. Cagatay says:

    It’s here;
    files section as jsfsunum.ppt. You’ll need a yahoo id to access the files section.

  3. Saif says:

    Got it ..Thanx!!!
    I was expecting more on Ajax with JSF.
    It would be nice if you could share more knowledge on the same. It would be g8 if you could guide me to some exampoles which i can download, deploy and see it working.

  4. Cagatay says:

    Hi Saif, the presentation is focused on introductionary JSF rather than AJAX-JSF. You can check out some of my previous entries like;

    Also there are cool ajax components at myfaces sandbox which you can deploy.

  5. Catalin Petrisor says:

    Do I really have to join that turkish group to take a look at the presentation? Why do you write something that is not complete?

  6. Cagatay says:

    No need to join the group itself, you just need to login to yahoo.

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