FacesTrace Strikes Back

After being reported the bugs and recieved new demands for FacesTrace, me and Yigit started working on the new version (0.8.1). One of the most interesting features is that the FacesMessages in the request is displayed with it’s severity and the text. Also “http header” information for the request joined the scope variables.

Personally I was not surprised to hear that FacesTrace is being used in JSF training courses, because I’ve also used it in my last JSF presentation in a seminar. Other than the debugging capabilities, it can be used as a tool when learning JSF. I was working on limiting the size of the views in session when the state is hold at the server. By the help of FacesTrace, I’ve realized that, each view is saved in session with it’s view id and there is another list holding these view ids. Using this information I’ve written a navigation handler to do the cleaning. This was just an example of a usage.


One Response to FacesTrace Strikes Back

  1. Tomer says:

    hope that someone will do the same for ajax4jsf…

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