JSF Charting Monster is back to the city

Finally eagerly waited 1.2.0 RC1 is ready. This version fixes the reported bugs and adds new features which are demanded for some time. I’ve also change the documentation at jsf-comp and updated the example web application.

ChangeLog of 1.2.0 RC1
– Instead of a servlet, charts are created by a JSF phaselistener, this gets rid of the servlet configuration and adds plug ang play behavior with zero configuration.
– Added portlet support.
– Support for DHTML events like onmouseover, onclick and etc.
– The output format is customizible now, it can be jpeg or png.(SVG and PDF later)
– Html image map support for creating image maps.
– Fixed the value binding problems.(Like the one for the type attribute or the bundle reading).
– Enhancements for preventing the browsers from caching the charts.
– Fixed “same chart for all rows” bug when used in a datatable.
– Added a foreground color attribute to change the color of the chart plot.
– Added support to change the colors of the plot sections for all kinds of charts.
– Fixed the state saving bug.
– Added accessors enabling to create the component programmatically.
– Added html img tag attributes support like alt, title and more;
– Border attribute is removed.

Checkout the online demo showing the creator in action;


There may be two issues considering the backward compatibility, one is that since the servlet is not used not Chartlet class configured for previous versions could cause errors. Removing the config elements from web.xml should solve possible problems. Also border attribute is removed from tld and the component. You can use styleClass attribute instead.

I guess authors of the commercal JSF Charting solutions won’t like this but I’d say it’s getting more stable and mature with each release. The download number is over thousands in total and the popularity is still growing, this realy gives enthusiasm to work more. I hope with this new version, more and more requirements of the users will be satisfied. Anyway, along with the previous releases, version 1.2.0-RC1, example webapp, source, the documentation and more can be found at sourceforge JSF-COMP project land.


One Response to JSF Charting Monster is back to the city

  1. ouafaa says:

    i used jsf chart creator,it’s really good.
    thank you for your great work.
    i just did not find an attribute to display values on bars, but i’ll create a datatable with values.
    thank you

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