Joining Apache MyFaces Development Team

Last week on friday, the voting about my nomination is completed and I’ve joined the development team of Apache MyFaces.  Actually I was looking forward to it for some time after working on the patches for jira issues, client side validation and etc. I must say it feels great to be in the team and be an ASF committer. So what is next? I’m planning to work on the JSF1.2. implementation and finish this ongoing client side validation stuff. Also working on the the jira issues for sure. More sleepless nights seem to be ahead and I’ll continue doing what a night developer does.


6 Responses to Joining Apache MyFaces Development Team

  1. adr says:


  2. Okan Çetin says:

    Nice to see you in development team. Congratulations.

  3. Mert says:

    May the force be with you..

  4. Good to see you.

    Let’s roll the JSF 1.2 Cagatay.

  5. stritti says:

    Please do also not forget the Portlet users implementing JSF 1.2 🙂

  6. _rogerio_ says:

    Congrats validator man!

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