Life at Home Office

At the end of august, I’ve left the company and the project that I worked for a year and nowadays I’m working as a freelancer for a totally new project. The idea of working remotely at home seems cool at first glance, I’ll see how it goes but the truth is I’m currently enjoying it a lot. Good things about working remotely are that you can drink beer and play games whenever you want. Sometimes I stuck at somewhere and give a break to play Pro Evolution Soccer 5. After kicking some Real Madrid ass with F.C.Barcelona, it feels so good and I come back with a fresh mind. The thing I could not do at first days was ending a break. Can’t remember how many hours I’ve spent on ProEvo5 doing tricks with Ronaldinho and on NeedForSpeedU2 tuning my Mazda RX-8.

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The current project I’m working for is a JSF(MyFaces)-Hibernate project that uses maven2 for building. My previous project was JSF(RI+IBM)-Spring-Hibernate project with Ant. At first I’ve missed Spring but now I’m thinking that it is no big deal. I’ll blog about it as “Life without Spring”. Anyway at last I’m using MyFaces in production and have a chance to stay away from IBM’s components. One of the new stuff I’ve learned is using Hibernate Annotations as the metadata for hibernate mapping, my previous project was using xdoclet first and then a plugin to create hbm.xml from uml diagrams. Using annotations is fun and very easy too by the way. For the build, I prefer maven2 over ant because of the fact that the maven guys say in their book, “Building the build”. I’m also using maven2 for MyFaces so I’m quite familiar with mvn. By the way, at last I’ve more time to do open source work and work on the MyFaces jira issues assigned to me :). Long story short, it’s totally a new experience for me and I hope the current joy goes on.


5 Responses to Life at Home Office

  1. Mert says:

    I should get you out sometimes buddy 😉

  2. Cagatay says:

    Call me:) BTW I’m 7 points ahead of Real Madrid in la liga and upgraded the suspension of my ride the other day.

  3. Rob says:

    Good move. I’ve done it most my career. Love it.

    If you end up w/some extra bandwidth, ping me. Sounds like you’d be right at home w/our stack.

  4. Good Luck friend in your new development life.

  5. Rogério (_rogerio_) says:

    Nice life!

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