Facelets Talk

I gave a talk at a seminar about JSF with Facelets two days ago. At first my aim was just to talk about Facelets but it turned out the audience had not much of JSF experience at all. So I’ve spent quite some time talking about JSF overview first, after that I’ve showed an Ajax4JSF demo when the topic was JSF with Ajax.

Finally I got enough time to talk on Facelets and why JSP-JSF suck:) Personally I see Facelets as the future of JSF, not only it helps JSF to get rid of the burden of JSP but because of features like templating, composition components, EL functions and etc.etc.etc. As a downside I dont care about the IDE support of Facelets but I’d like to see a nice Facelets Logo:) There was a Shale logo competition once, why not for Facelets? Anyway you can find the presentations at;



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