Back from Military

Military duty is mandatory in Turkey and my duty began at last month. I lived in a military training camp for 3 weeks. I must say it was tough, weather was cold(around -5,+5 Celcius), training was hard and living with 500 more people was not something I could get used to easily.

I’ve lived in a room with 23 people more, shared the toilet and baths with 500 people more. Everyday I woke up at 6 am, went to bed at 9 am. Everybody was sick because of cold and I’m still recovering:) These are stuff that a man can get used to after a couple of days since army is not a place for baby boys but it’s hard to be away from people you love.

I’m still getting used to civil life and recovering from the flu plus the annoying buzzing sound at my ear caused by several gunshots but in the end it’s so great to be back!

Note: It’s much easier to make an accurate shot with a (AK-47)Kalashnikov in video games:)


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