JSF ChartCreator – Resurrection

It’s been a while since I’ve stopped maintaining JSF ChartCreator but after seeing the 2000+ downloads for the previous version, I’ve decided to prepare a comeback:) This version is 1.2.0-M1 and contains many new features, several bugfixes and better documentation.

* Provided an optional configuration to switch between a servlet and a phaselistener as the generator of the charts. This is done so because, a phaselistener can be used in a portlet environment and a servlet can be used when some other lib’s phaselistener(like Ajax4JSF) prevents chart’s phaselistener from getting called.

* Added a new child component called chartAxis that can be used to customize a single axis.

* Created a renderer for the chart component so users can override it if they want.

* Clickable chart sections; Previous version was supporting custom image maps but this new feature generates automatic image maps for each chart section and users can attach events to be processed when for example a bar is clicked for a bar chart.

* Several bug fixes.

Much more information can be found at ChartCreator’s home page at;


API and TLD Docs at;



Download at;


UPDATE: M1 release has an ugly jvm compatibility issue and was only working with java6, I’ve made a quick fix and made a M2 release that’s compatible with java 1.4+.


One Response to JSF ChartCreator – Resurrection

  1. Robson says:

    hi Cagatay,

    Firstly congratulations for this amazing charting component, it really helped me developing nice web app’s.
    Now I’m working with portals, particularly Jboss Portal-2.7.0.
    For the jsf portlets I’m using jboss portlet-bridge.

    I tried to use chart creator in a portlet and I encountered this error:

    Error to execute afterPhase RESTORE_VIEW 1 method for listener
    at net.sf.jsfcomp.chartcreator.utils.ChartUtils.createChartWithType(Unknown Source)
    at net.sf.jsfcomp.chartcreator.ChartListener.handleChartRequest(Unknown Source)
    at net.sf.jsfcomp.chartcreator.ChartListener.afterPhase(Unknown Source)
    at org.jboss.portletbridge.lifecycle.LifecyclePhase.execute(LifecyclePhase.java:87)
    at org.jboss.portletbridge.lifecycle.RestoreViewPhase.execute(RestoreViewPhase.java:62)
    at org.jboss.portletbridge.lifecycle.PortletLifecycle.execute(PortletLifecycle.java:114)

    I just configured to use the ChartListener instead the ChartLet class.
    Is there another configuration I have to do?

    I will be grateful if you help me!

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