End of Military Duty, I’m Back in Action

From the beginning of 2007 until end of November, I served my military duty that is mandatory in Turkey. Although I was classified as a military developer and continue doing my job during this period, I was a bit away from the open source world because of lack of time, now as a free man and as a freelancer I’m fully back in action, blogging, coding, developing, oh yeah! Also I’m co-authoring APRESS’s “The Definitive Guide to Apache MyFaces and Facelets” book mainly with the Apache Trinidad section, keep an eye on this blog for more news.


3 Responses to End of Military Duty, I’m Back in Action

  1. srikanth says:

    Hi , I want to display the percentage for JFreeChart in BarGraph, I am using DefaultCategoryDataset, but its not allowing me to enter % formate in the methods provided, their is nay tag available to display?, as right now its displaying without %

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  3. Can Unal says:

    Hi Cagatay,

    I am also Turkish origin, located in Germany and actually involved in a very large project here in Stuttgart/Germany. The project consists of several components like process engineering with WebSphere Process Server, Security and UI which is myFace based. Interested to work for us?

    drop me an email if you have an interest in such a role.

    kind regards

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