FacesTrace 0.9.0 is released

FacesTrace, developed by me and my fella Yigit Darcin, is a small library to display several visual trace info for JSF applications. Other than the trace/debug features the library also has an educational value on the learning process of JSF itself. Following is the changelog;

Online Demo : http://www.nightdev.devisland.net/facestrace-example

Check out the project homepage : http://facestrace.sourceforge.net

See you on 1.0.0 with new features;)


3 Responses to FacesTrace 0.9.0 is released

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  2. cetnar says:

    Does it work with Icefaces and Faclets?

  3. eric says:

    does not work with icefaces, as do find the td but not the classpatH

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