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I was at Washington D.C. last week for JSFOne, overall I really enjoyed the 3-day conference. Many well known guys in the community like JSF Spec Lead Ed Burns, Matthias Wessendorf(one of the funniest guys I’ve ever known), Martin Marinschek, Kito Mann, David Geary, Emmanuel Bernard, Chris Schalk, Dan Allen, Ted Goddard, Jason Lee, Max Katz, Scott O’Bryan, Stan Silvert, Douglas Crockford and many others were there. The sessions almost covered every aspect of JSF includung JSF2.0, MyFaces, RichFaces, IceFaces, Seam and etc

I had two sessions as a speaker, one was “Apache MyFaces Planet” and other is “JSF and Security”, after these I got some nice feedback from the audience. Other than my talks along with other MyFaces guys I co-hosted the MyFaces BOF, although not many attendees joined, it was fun as well.

Although there were no offical evening arrangements we had our own, I mostly hang out with Matthias and Martin, last evening Ed Burns also joined us and took us to Georgetown on Saturday evening but I can’t talk about that more:)

In then the end conference was worth the jetlag. I am glad that I made it.

Special thanks to Kito Mann for hosting such a great event.


Finally here are some photos;

jsfone_1_thumb   jsfone_2_thumb   jsfone_3_thumb   jsfone_4_thumb   jsfone_5_thumb


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  1. Someday I’ll meet you guys.

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