Moved to UK

I have moved to London from Turkey and it took quite some time to settle down so I haven’t been blogging since then. Now I am back with a couple of changes. I’ve decided to use my blog at Prime Technology for my Turkish entries and this one at wordpress for global ones:)

I am still trying to get used to life in UK, awful weather is kinda weird for a Turkish guy like me, I grew up in Antalya, coast to Mediterranean. Another thing is the English accent, I think Americans and English are two different cultures with a common language but now I am not sure if they are using the same language as well. Other than these, pubs really rock and I really enjoy the city. Cheers!


3 Responses to Moved to UK

  1. CelFer says:

    which company did hire you ?
    what is your new position ?

  2. cagataycivici says:


  3. Good Luck Cagatay!!!
    You are brilliant anywhere you are in.

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