Speaking about JSF 2.0 in London

EG Group led by Ed Burns are doing a great job and I really appreciate all the hard work they put in. JSF 2.0 is on the horizon and I’ll be doing a “JSF 2.0 Preview” talk in London on the 17th of November. The talk is organized by London Java Users Group and will take place in Skills Matter.

The talk will cover the following

  • Introduction to JSF 2.0
  • New Features
    • Ajax Support
    • Easier way of Component Development
    • Resource Handling
    • New Scopes
    • PDL(Page Description Language)
    • System Events
    • Scripting Support
    • State Management
    • Component interoperability
    • Less configuration
    • And more…
  • Future of JSF

If you want to attend, free registration is required. Following is the link for it;


After the presentation we’ll be going to a pub for more talk and beer as usual. See you there!



2 Responses to Speaking about JSF 2.0 in London

  1. Evans says:

    Hi Cagatay,

    We look forward to the talk, and the pub discussions afterwards.

    See you there 🙂


  2. cagataycivici says:

    See you next week Evans!

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