FacesTrace 1.0.1 is released

Visual debugger of JSF is refreshed with a new release. This 1.0.1 version is a maintanence release and contains several bug fixes. Also I’ve moved the homepage of facestrace to Prime Tecnology’s web site.

In order to get the new lib you can either use Prime’s maven repository or get it directly from sourceforge.

Much more info is at the new home of facestrace which is here;

And the online demo is here;

P.S. Many thanks to Simon Kitching for his help on this release.


6 Responses to FacesTrace 1.0.1 is released

  1. fiorenzo says:

    Hi Cagatay,

    FacesTrace is very interesting project.

    It’s possible use with a different url-pattern, similar to:

    Faces Servlet

    Thank’s in advance


  2. fiorenzo says:


    url-pattern = /faces/*
    instead of
    url-pattern = *.jsf

    bye bye


  3. cagataycivici says:

    FacesTrace need a faces request to load it’s js and css used in the trace log display. We have chosen *.jsf since it’s the most common. using just /faces/* may also work since 1.0.1 I never tried though.

  4. Kito D. Mann says:

    Cagatay, the demo is down. Congrats on the new release, though :-).

  5. cagataycivici says:

    Thanks Kito 🙂

  6. dwight says:

    the sourceforge jar does not contain the source. Can we get the source without using maven?

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