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I gave a talk titled as “JSF 2.0 Preview” two weeks ago at SkillsMatter, London, the talk was organized by London Java Web Users Group. You can find podcast video at SkillsMatter along with the slides. The podcast begins with JUG leader Peter Bilgrim’s keynote.

The address is:


Following is the review of my talk by Thyran Wright,

“Cagatay shows us the new JSF version 2.0, explaining the improvements from the previous versions. He gives demonstrations on how we can benefit from the new features of JSF2.0, the changes from previous versions, and what we can expect from JSF in the future.

With the incorporation of AJAX, the easy component development ability, resource loading, page description language, more scopes and less configuration, JSF2.0 is proving to be a far more efficient and scalable way of developing components for your projects.

Cagatay takes us through JSF2.0’s new improvements, features, and bug fixes, including the incorporation of JEE6 and JSR 314. He goes on to explain how we can utilize resource handling by storing resources in a dedicated folder and loading them from a class path.

Cagatay then demonstrates how to implement JSF-AJAX integration. The feature of annotations in JSF2.0 cuts out a lot of XML, making it cleaner, more efficient, and able to deliver faster processing time to projects. Issue Tracking allows you to optimize state management, exception handling, bookmarks, skinning, partial validation and security.

Cagatay explains to us where JSF originated, where it is in its current form, and what we can look forward to in the future versions – more component libraries, JSF in EE, more RIA integration, tool support, and more adaptation.”


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