What happened to YUI4JSF

YUI4JSF was a library I came up with the idea about 1.5 years ago, although it started well, it never reached to a stable status. There were initially 5 developers and additional 5 more(never contributed though) in the team. Some time ago I’ve marked the project as stopped in sourceforge as seen here.

Although the project failed, it left a lot of experience for me behind, me and my friend Yigit are working on a new JSF project we’ll be releasing at the end of the month. New project is much more well written, documented, faster and cooler. That’s all I can say for now, arrivederci YUI4JSF.


3 Responses to What happened to YUI4JSF

  1. I’m really sad for this BUT anyway we really learned valuable lessons from this project.
    BTW, What is the name of the new JSF project, Is it open source 🙂 ?

  2. heeyy! i’ve just finished my “killer” busy state…
    i had started to work on yui4jsf tree again to mature it again (without knowing the stopped status :))… anyway, as you mentioned, it was a good experience for me… and nice to work with you man :)…

  3. cagataycivici says:

    Hasan, dude hi.

    I’ve written all the components in primefaces from scratch, including the tree. But you’re always welcome to contribute.


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