PrimeFaces reveals itself to the jedi

PrimeFaces is an open source library for Java Server Faces Web framework. Main goal of PrimeFaces is to create a component suite containing a rich set of components and provide non-rendering JSF extensions to ease development with JSF. PrimeFaces has three modules each focusing on different aspects of JSF.

UI Components

PrimeFaces UI module contains various JSF components providing rich web user experience. PrimeFaces use Yahoo UI library as the underlying client side framework. Components do all the hard work, deal with javascript rendering, and handle the JSF integration on the server side.

  • Rich set of components (HtmlEditor, ImageCropper, Dialog, AutoComplete and more).
  • Flash based Chart components.
  • Built-in Ajax with Partial Page Rendering
  • Compatible with other component libraries
  • Unobstrusive javascript rendering.
  • Well documented components.


Optimus module provides solutions to ease the development with JSF. Optimus removes the burden of XML from JSF by providing an annotation based IOC container based powered by Google Guice and an XML-less Navigation Handler that removes need for xml-based declarative JSF navigations. Optimus also provides persistence support with JPA integration.

  • Annotation based IOC built on top of Google Guice.
  • Persistence support and JPA integration.
  • Declarative transaction management.
  • XML-Less JSF Navigations.
  • Excel and PDF export of DataTable contents.
  • Security Extensions.


FacesTrace aims to enhance the traceability of JavaServer Faces based applications. Several trace information and performance metrics are collected and presented on the page being traced. FacesTrace is developed seperately before PrimeFaces is found and joined PrimeFaces project as a submodule.

  • JSF LifeCycle visualizer.
  • Performance Tracker.
  • Scoped Attributes.
  • Log4J appender.
  • FacesMessage Lister.
  • Component Tree visualizer.
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8 Responses to PrimeFaces reveals itself to the jedi

  1. venkat says:


    Great Idea. Can this be integrated with other jsf implementations like myfaces tomahawk, myfaces trinidad ( which also has got a PPR)


  2. cagataycivici says:

    Yes, it works well with RichFaces, merging both ppr implementations cause no known problems. Trinidad will be better supported in new release and about tomahawk it works well.

  3. Bartosz says:


    this is a really appealing suite. We have been using FacesTrace in one of our projects for more than a year now. It is really handy tool in some situations.

    I’ve got one question – is it possible to use Optimus together with JSF 1.1 (not only with JSF 1.2)? On the project’s page there is a promising lack of such restriction in the contrary to UI Components.

    Best regards,

  4. cagataycivici says:

    Hi Bartosz, Optimus has several features so the answer for jsf 1.1 depends on those features. If you’ve facelets instead of jsp, although I’ve not tested, most of the features like guice integration can work. Having said that, primefaces is designed with JSF 2.0 in mind and coded with JSF 1.2 libs.

  5. Bartosz says:

    Thank you for the answer Catagay.

    Unfortunately our project has been developed using jsf 1.1 and jsps so it seems that those goodies are out of our scope for the time being. However we have a strong motivation to abandon current combination thus I will for sure have an eye on your great projects. That’s the plan for next half of the year.

    Keep up the cool work.

  6. cagataycivici says:

    Thanks Bartosz, I’d suggest jumping directly to JSF 2.0 with PrimeFaces for your next project;)

  7. Bartosz says:

    Sorry for mistyping your name 🙂

  8. cagataycivici says:

    No problem Bartosz, I’m used to it, it’s not the first time:)

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