Resizable JSF Components

PrimeFaces features a resizable component that has the ability to make a JSF component resizable.
Resizable can be used on various components like resize an input fields, panels, menus, images and more.

To make a component resizable, just add p:resizable as a child;

<h:graphicImage id="img" value="/ui/barca/campnou.jpg">
<p:resizable  />

That’s it now an image can be resized by the user if he/she wants to see more detail:) Another common use case is the input fields,
if users need more space for a textarea, make it resizable by;

<h:inputTextarea id="area" value="Resize me if you need more space">
<p:resizable />


Other than plain resize handling, animations and effects are also supported.

<h:inputTextarea id="area" value="Resize me!!!">
<p:resizable proxy="true" animate="true" effect="bounceOut"/> 

Online Demo

The examples I’ve given here can be reached live at the online demo.

Basic resizable example

Animated resizing


3 Responses to Resizable JSF Components

  1. Michael says:

    In the current release (0.8.0) this component is not included.
    You have to download the 0.8.1-SNAPSHOT in order to get this component.

  2. Dominik says:

    Very cool stuff. I will definitively look into this. Has anyone integrated/tested this with spring web-mvn/webflow .

    Keep up the good work!

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