I’ve written various articles about how to integrate JSF-Spring-JPA-SpringSecurity before which is based on JSF centric annotation based approach, the latest example I’ve created introduces PrimeFaces to provide rich client features to the stack. Application’s name is moviecollector and deployed online at here live for a test run.

MovieCollector demonstrates several uses cases of PrimeFaces components like Partial Page Rendering, Excel-PDF data exporter, datatable, autoComplete, dialog and more. Code is also available on subversion repository of PrimeFaces so it’d be a good reference if you need an example application for this stack.

I’ll be adding more use cases to the project in time probably after getting PrimeFaces 0.9.0 ready which will include flash based file upload, drag&drop, file download and more stuff.



3 Responses to JSF-Spring-JPA-Security

  1. مجتبي شايق says:

    I have a question
    how can i show html code with jsf component for example value of t:outputtext is
    the result is the above string not the colored ttt
    please answer me

  2. مجتبي شايق says:

    lt span style=\”background-color: #FFFF00\” gt ttt lt span gt

  3. matthiaswessendorf says:

    It would be cool to see some of your guice support ends up in Orchestra. That is currently tied to Spring…

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