RIA with PrimeFaces talk

Last week, I gave a talk titled “RIA with PrimeFaces” in openmic night of javawug London. Although it was a short talk and booed by the Chelsea fans in the attendees:), I really enjoyed it overall. You can find the slides at;


P.S. Thanks for the great hospitality(room and pizzas:) of EMC Conchango.


2 Responses to RIA with PrimeFaces talk

  1. peterpilgrim says:

    Hi Cagatay

    I really liked your talk. The demos worked very flawlessly and put my own efforts to shame.

    Apart from not running the demos in NetBeans of any other IDE, what other advice would give in order to have a great presentation run?

  2. Hi Peter, thanks for the feedback. I think I was lucky compared to your demo since I used the component showcase demo which is stable usually. Well the safest way for a demo is prerecording it in my view, I never used that way though. I enjoyed your presentation as well, a couple of flaws in demo wasn’t a big deal.

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