PrimeFaces 0.9.0 is released

After two months of hard work I finally managed to release the 0.9.0 version of PrimeFaces UI. UI 0.9.0 is a major release containing many new features, improvements and bug fixes. Significant changes of this release are;

  • Major improvements to the Ajax Framework
  • New component : FileUpload (Single-Multiple uploads, progress racking, customizable ui)
  • New component : DynamicImage (Display binary images)
  • New component : FileDownload (Present binary content as downloadable)
  • New component : Spinner (Numeric input)
  • New component : Rating (Star based rating)
  • New component : IdleMonitor (Monitor user activity)
  • New component : LightBox (A JSF LightBox)
  • New component : ImageSwitcher (A gallery of image effects)
  • New component : DataExport (Export datatable as Excel, PDF, CSV and XML)

See the full changelog of UI 0.9.0 here. Also updated the reference documentation which has reached 200 pages now. So what’s next? Current plans are adding layout and drag&drop components for 0.9.1.  Let’s see how it goes.


2 Responses to PrimeFaces 0.9.0 is released

  1. Ertan Toker says:

    Great release!

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