Mac Dock for JSF

Upcoming PrimeFaces 0.9.1 UI will feature a dock component that mimics the famous dock in Mac Os X in a web page. Basically a dock consists of the dock itself and the dockItems. You can have as many dockItems as you want.

Picture 2

<p:dockItem label="Home" icon="/images/dock/home.png" url="#"/>
<p:dockItem label="Music" icon="/images/dock/music.png" url="#"/>
<p:dockItem label="Video" icon="/images/dock/video.png" url="#"/>
<p:dockItem label="Email" icon="/images/dock/email.png" url="#"/>
<p:dockItem label="Portfolio" icon="/images/dock/portfolio.png" url="#"/>
<p:dockItem label="Link" icon="/images/dock/link.png" url="#"/>
<p:dockItem label="RSS" icon="/images/dock/rss.png" url="#"/>
<p:dockItem label="History" icon="/images/dock/history.png" url="#"/>

Head over to the online demo to see dock live.


3 Responses to Mac Dock for JSF

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  2. Ali Ok says:

    Showcase is not working Cagatay 😦

  3. Murali says:

    Ali try this link. Mac dock was working perfect.

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