PrimeFaces UI 0.9.1 is released

PrimeFaces UI Components 0.9.1 is available to download as of today. This release introduces many new features and closes a total of 35 issues.

  • New component: Drag&Drop
  • New component: Media
  • New component: InputMask
  • New component: Dock
  • New component: OutputPanel
  • Reimplemented accordionPanel with jQuery
  • Pre and Post processors for pdf-excel data exporter

This release is highly effected by my 3 week vacation in Turkey and moving my house in London:) Despite all these we had many new features and important bug fixes reported by PrimeFaces community in our forum. Now I’m back to London and moving of house is nearly complete so I can start focus on 0.9.2. Layout components has the highest priority also new awesome tabSwitch component will be added in 0.9.2. We might also add the iCal, outlook kind of planner component but I guess it’d be in 0.9.3 not in 0.9.2.

Also don’t forget to update your PrimeFaces Reference Documentation, I’ve added 20 more pages which makes it a total of 220 pages now.


3 Responses to PrimeFaces UI 0.9.1 is released

  1. Jay Hook says:

    I’m really excited to use primefaces, it’s got a lot of features I’ve been looking for. It seems like the link

    is not working. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get my hands on it.

  2. Hi Jay, I guess you need to clear your browser cache, the site is also updated.

  3. Tebrikler , Congratulations =)

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