PrimeFaces Dual Release

I’m pleased to announced that new versions of two PrimeFaces subprojects are released. UI Components 0.9.2 and Optimus 0.8.0 binaries are available at Prime Maven repository and project’s google code page.

UI Components 0.9.2

UI Components 0.9.2 includes important performance updates, new components and improvements on Partial Page Rendering infrastructure. Significant changes of this release are as following.

  • New component : Wizard
  • New component : Layout Framework
  • New component : Growl
  • New component : Stack
  • New component : Collector
  • Every resource that is included to the page is now compressed by YUI compressor, this leads to a significant improve in page load times.
  • Plain Html is now supported in partial response with Facelets.

Full changelog is availabe at here. Next version 0.9.3 will feature better portlet support, enhanced datatable and new components like dualList and keyboard.

Optimus 0.8.0

JPA and Persistence support is written to bridge JSF and Guice with warp-persist. Optimus simply orchestrates JSF-Guice-JPA stack. I’ve also added a bookstore sample application to demonstrate this lightweight but powerful stack in action.


2 Responses to PrimeFaces Dual Release

  1. Umut says:

    I am really interested in portlet support. Prime faces will support jsr 168 or jsr 286 portlets?

  2. Both hopefully :), I need to add some tweaks to make ajax work with portlets, rest is the responsibility of the JSF-Portlet bridge implementation actually.

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