Growl meets JSF

Mac OS X’s growl is an intuitive way to display messages from the system and other apps. So how can you bring this way of notification to web with JSF. It’s as simple as;

<p:growl />

PrimeFaces Growl component simply replaces h:messages (lame) so growl is equipped with attributes such as showSummary, showDetail, globalOnly. Since growl displays FacesMessages severity information is provided with an icon that can be info, warn, error or fatal.

Picture 3Picture 2

You can even integrate growl with your ajax request, following is an example;

<p:growl id="messages"/>
<p:commandButton value="Save" update="messages" />

Online Demos
All sample applications of PrimeFaces use growl for notification here are some links;


Growl will also be integrated to PrimeFaces push support which is coming soon so all of a sudden clients can be notified of a message with Growl.


6 Responses to Growl meets JSF

  1. Very nice work Cagatay (y).

  2. Murali says:

    Looks great…!

    One Suggestion, if we have the image reflection for the icons (info and error).. it will be good..

  3. SkillAssert says:

    Pleasant look and feel for the growl when compared to that in the earlier snapshot..

  4. You’re right, current growl is an improved version of the initial draft version.

  5. Daniel Lichtenberger says:

    PrimeFaces is getting more impressive every month! Are there plans for a JSF2 version yet?

  6. Daniel thanks for the feedback. Yes PrimeFaces 2.0 branch will be created once PrimeFaces 1.0 is out(late 2009). PrimeFaces is designed with JSF 2.0 in mind so it’ll not take a lot of time hopefully 🙂

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