IPhone App Development with JSF

TouchFaces is a UI development kit to create IPhone web applications with JSF. TouchFaces is a member of PrimeFaces family and will be shipping with the UI module. Basically it allows developing applications using JSF with the native IPhone look and feel, plus it’s powered by PrimeFaces UI infrastructure and Ajax is built-in.

I’ll also publish detailed articles soon but recently I’ve created a screencast as a getting started tutorial. Enjoy!

Update: See sample iphone apps and mobile push for further information.


15 Responses to IPhone App Development with JSF

  1. Craig Doremus says:

    Does TouchFaces work with Android since it uses the same WebKit browser as the IPhone?

  2. Talip Ozturk says:

    Cagatay, this is awesome stuff. Very nice demo. Keep up the great work!


  3. fiorenzo says:


    But where’s the code??’
    We want read some lines of preview code…..

  4. Ryan says:

    Will PrimeFaces use JSF 2.0’s built-in Ajax library wherever it can, and only add to it where it is lacking? When will JSF 2.0 support be ready? Thanks

  5. Hi Ryan, PrimeFaces is designed with JSF 2.0 in mind, so we’ll definitely have a PrimeFaces 2.0 once PrimeFaces 1.0 is ready by the end of the year. There’ll be two branches. 1.x and 2.x. Also probably PrimeFaces 2.0 will use JSF 2.x ajax infrastructure.

  6. @fiorenzo, you can check out the prime-showcase/touch examples in svn.

  7. fiorenzo says:

    And what do you think about add a mechanism to switch navigation-path dinamically, reading browser-agent or by click on dedicated link?

    Not like the classical solution with “Switching RenderKits Dynamically”,
    but a simple solution like change language in web sites.

    In the past I used mobile-jsf : today i think it’s impossible rewrite all jsf components to match browser client limited capabiliity or screen dimensions..

    I think it’s util create jsf components to switch from complete view to Iphone/Gphone/Nokiaphone view… similar pages in parallel paths….
    .. and the visitor can change page-view like he change language content…

    good work!!

  8. Christian says:

    Hi Cagatay,

    great stuff. I did some work in this area based on the Apache Trinidad Framework, but this is what I have waited for. So I am really looking forward.


  9. Hi Christian, TouchFaces is currently alpha and I’m planning to develop a couple of real applications like translator, forex display, forecast and etc to see what it is missing in the lib. Hopefully by the end of month, initial release of TouchFaces will ship with PrimeFaces UI 0.9.3.

  10. Mr. Rochez says:


    Great job! Now I have a reason to look forward to the PriceFaces UI 0.9.3. Using this library will facilitate the efforts in my project.

    Thanks again!

  11. Initial demos are live online, see with your iphone 🙂

  12. @Craig, TouchFaces will work on any mobile device that has a webkit based browser. I’ve tested with an android phone and it worked really well.

  13. I have tried out touch faces on my android phone (G1) and it works perfectly.

    Great work Cagatay !!!

  14. Christian says:

    Hi Cagatay,

    the ShowCase looks great, much better than what we currently did with Apache Trinidad. And the good news is that it works with all webkit based browsers. I struggled for some reasons with the Trinidad stuff on the G1.

    Great job!

  15. This is truly great Cagatay. I had bought Dev. on the iPhone & iPhone in Action … but this, without even having seen the code, just your demo, makes those books obsolete. For all my iPhone dev, I will use TouchFaces. I wouldn’t be surprised should this lib explode in usage! And deservedly!
    From now on: don’t sleep, code, ship it! 😉

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