PrimeFaces UI 0.9.3 is released

I am pleased to announce that new version of PrimeFaces UI Components is released. Version 0.9.3 features the TouchFaces mobile UI kit, 5 new components, improved portlet support, enhanced datatable and various improvements.

  • TouchFaces – UI Development kit for mobile devices mainly iphone
  • New component : FileUpload (Reimplemented)
  • New component : Tooltip (Reimplemented)
  • New component : PickList
  • New component : HotKey
  • New component : Virtual Keyboard
  • Easy row selection, ajax pagination, data filtering and lazy loading enhancements to DataTable
  • Significantly improved portal support for JSR168 and JSR268 portlets.
  • Pojo and Converter support for AutoComplete

See the full changelog for detailed information. Reference Documentation is also updated with 37 pages more, making it a total of 277. Additionally prime-showcase application is updated with a better looking UI.


Next milestone is PrimeFaces UI 1.0.0.RC codename “PRIMUS” which will feature Ajax Push based on Bayeux protocol. Watch the teaser trailer below for more information 🙂


2 Responses to PrimeFaces UI 0.9.3 is released

  1. Ryan de Laplante says:

    I think what PrimeFaces is still missing is a radio button component that doesn’t force me into placing each one in a table row, or side-by side. IceFaces and Woodstock have both created radio button components with flexible placement.

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