PrimeFaces goes JSF 2.0

PrimeFaces team is pleased to announce that PrimeFaces 2.0.0.RC is released, this initial release is the port of 1.0.0.RC targeting JSF 2.0. You can download the release from downloads section and reference documentation is updated to cover this release.

So which JSF 2.0 features does PrimeFaces use? Currently state management is migrated to new state management infrastructure of JSF 2.0 which performs much better compared to JSF 1.x. We still keep our Resource Servlet and decided not to migrate to JSF 2.0 resource loading for now since current solution is optimized for PrimeFaces. Also our jquery based ajax solution is still in instead of JSF 2.0 ajax.

In future PrimeFaces 2.x releases we’ll consider moving more features to use JSF 2.0 stuff for sure but right now the priority is to make sure PrimeFaces 2.x runs smoothly on JSF 2.0. Also from now on there’ll be two branches; PrimeFaces 1.x and PrimeFaces 2.x, which will be developed and released in sync.


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  1. Ryan de Laplante says:

    I’m glad to see all of the JSF component libraries have been working hard to get JSF 2.0 ports released before the end of the year. I don’t know the details of what JSF 2.0’s resource relocation or AJAX features are missing, but I feel awkward about using UI component libraries that completely replace/ignore these features and use their own just like JSF 1.x component libraries. Hopefully it won’t be long before the JSF component market starts building on top of the standard features and adding only what is missing. Maybe you could blog about what is missing?

    I’ve been trying to look at the PrimeFaces component showcase for weeks, but the server is down:

  2. Hi Ryan,

    Showcase seems to be working, maybe you’re behind a firewall that blocks 8080?

    PrimeFaces is famous for it’s compatibility so we want to keep it as much as possible with JSF 2.0 as well. PrimeFaces resource api allows excluding resources, so let’s say if another lib is adding jquery, you can tell PrimeFaces not to add it to avoid conflicts and stuff. We’ve looked into JSF 2.0 resource loading a lot but could not find a way to do it. This is one example but you’re right in future releases we aim improve to improve the port as much as JSF 2.0 permits. StateSaving is already ported to use StateHelper for example.

  3. Ryan de Laplante says:

    I had tried the component showcase many times over the last few weeks, including this morning, and Firefox told me that the server was not responding or something like that. After reading your latest comment, I tried again and now the component showcase loads.

    I think PrimeFaces (and JSF itself) is missing an important component that is provided by IceFaces and Woodstock. It is a radio button component that lets me place the buttons from a group arbitrarily on the page, without being forced into a table. It would be nice to see this available in PrimeFaces, and for all of the component suite vendors to push the expert group to include it in 2.1. I pushed the JSF expert group hard for it during the 2.0 cycle, but they kept telling me that they will not add new components in 2.0. But then they added h:button and h:link.

    Something else I value is a component framework that is still visually appealing and functional when JavaScript is disabled.


  4. Hazem Saleh says:


  5. It would be excellent if you could write about the reasons why the JSF 2.0 resource loading and Ajax support didn’t work for PrimeFaces.

  6. yasser hawari says:

    beautiful work …

  7. Ryan de Laplante says:

    When I access the component showcase now, I get a blank screen

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