I’ve joined JSF EG

I’m pleased to officially announce that I’ve joined JavaServer Faces Expert Group. Special thanks to star  spec lead Ed Burns for inviting me to the EG.

Now that JSF 2.0 is released and being adopted rapidly, EG has already started to work on JSF 2next to keep the progress coming. Hopefully my new position in JSF community will make it even easier for me to contribute more.


7 Responses to I’ve joined JSF EG

  1. Congrats Catagay! Welcome 🙂 This is when the good things start happening 😉 now make me a fileUpload component!!!

    –Kidding 🙂

  2. Ali Ok says:

    Congratulations Çağatay!

  3. numberformat says:

    Congrats Catagay. Working along with trail blazers in the industry definitely helps.

  4. juangon says:


  5. Mehmet Cabuk says:

    Congratulations Cagatay,
    It is honour to be a part of such a kind team.
    All the best for you…

  6. Hendy Irawan says:

    Congrats Cagatay!

    With your excellent work on PrimeFaces, I can only foresee great future for JSF ! 🙂

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