New PrimeFaces Components for 1.0.3/2.0.3

New components for the upcoming 1.0.3/2.0.3 release are finalized and they are all moved to beta stage.

Focus is now on improving the current components and fix reported bugs until the release which is due 28th of June.


3 Responses to New PrimeFaces Components for 1.0.3/2.0.3

  1. Niranjan says:


    I could not find where the release version1.0.3 you are talking about here
    Could you please help me by letting me know where it is ?


  2. MBen says:

    Also, I couldnt find 2.0.3. But it is 01.07.2010 😉

  3. Slee says:

    Does anyone know when 2.0.3 will be out? I have many problems with 2.0.2 with Internet Explorer and we are close to production. Thanks

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