Video Trailer of PrimeFaces 1.0.3/2.0.3 Revealed


7 Responses to Video Trailer of PrimeFaces 1.0.3/2.0.3 Revealed

  1. M says:

    I have been following PrimeFaces for a while. I am very impressed by it and its potential. As a marketing note, I think you should emphasize, up front, that it is based on YUI. That would lend credibility to the project and its components. I also think you should create (or borrow from YUI) several high quality, skins which are cohesive across the entire widget family. PrimeFaces should have several, comprehensive, professional-grade skins available. I would think that YUI already has several available from the open source community. Look at Vaadin also for a nice example. I would be willing to help to some degree in this, if you like.

  2. Talip Ozturk says:

    Fantastic video! Keep it up. How do you find time for this!!!

  3. I guess I don’t sleep 🙂

  4. amazing video ,it is wonderfull ,you must write about primefaces for magazine of java

  5. Hildebrando says:

    When it’s comes up for download??
    The video says 28.06.10, and now we are on 08.07.10…

    It comes or it is only an promess?

  6. Release is delayed, yes.

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