RichFaces Skin as a PrimeFaces Theme

As I’ve observed, there are members in PrimeFaces community using RichFaces and PrimeFaces together in their applications. To help them out for a unified look and feel, I’ve ported BlueSky skin of RichFaces as a PrimeFaces Theme.

RichFaces Demo:

PrimeFaces Demo:

BlueSky is also added to PrimeFaces Theme Gallery:

Similarly if you haven’t already heard, we’ve also ported Apache Trinidad’s Casablanca skin before.

These examples clearly show how powerful PrimeFaces Theme Framework(aka chameleon) is as it takes around 10 minutes to port an entire skin to PrimeFaces since everything is loosely coupled.

I hope this will help users who have both RichFaces and PrimeFaces in their projects.


5 Responses to RichFaces Skin as a PrimeFaces Theme

  1. Dennis says:


    is there a problem with the demo site? Server is once again not responding.


  2. Piotr Steininger says:

    Is there a guide for porting RF skins to PF?

  3. No specific doc to port RF skin to PF skin exist, which RF skins would you like to see as a PF theme?

  4. Piotr Steininger says:

    I’m more interested in the process. I worked with a client recently who was complaining about the speed of their RF 3.3.3 app. They were interested in jumping ship to Primefaces in the next few months, but were worried about the effort to skin PF the way they did RF.

    I figured there may be more people in the same situation. It could help people migrate from RF.

  5. Process is very straightforward, please see Skinning section in PF user’s guide. You can also use PrimeFaces support forum if you face any issues when migrating a skin.

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