Short Term PrimeFaces Roadmap

Here is the short term roadmap for PrimeFaces.

19th July: Release of 1.1.RC1 and 2.1.RC1
26th July: Release of 1.1 and 2.1

1.1 is the last release for JSF 1.2, PrimeFaces 1.x branch will be phased out and we’ll focus on JSF 2.0.

26th August: Release of 2.2
– Migration to JSF2’s standard server side ajax apis to make PrimeFaces even more compatible and lightweight.
– Rewritten datatable with many new features which will be backward compatible.
– Implementation of at least 5 most voted features requests.
– Reported bug fixes


4 Responses to Short Term PrimeFaces Roadmap

  1. Stephan Bardubitzki says:

    What is with Ajax push for PF 2.2?

  2. Ajax Push is the third most important thing after JSF 2 ajax apis migration and new datatable.

  3. Piotr Steininger says:

    Any chance dynamic columns (something like rich:columns or a4j:repeat from RF4.0) will make it to the dataTable component?

  4. Most likely we will have p:columns in 2.2, related issue ticket in case you’d like to monitor;

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