PrimeFaces 1.1.RC1 and 2.1.RC1 Released

I’m glad to announce that highly anticipated release candidates for PrimeFaces 1.1 and 2.1 are released. These versions feature major changes including 6 new components, rewritten components and the new skinning framework based on ThemeRoller featuring 28 pre-designed themes. Here are the notable changes;

  • New Skinning Framework based on ThemeRoller
  • 28 pre-designed themes and support to create new themes with online theme creator.
  • New component: DataGrid
  • New component: DataList
  • New component: Google Maps
  • New component: Spreadsheet
  • New component: TreeTable
  • New component: ThemeSwitcher
  • Various components are rewritten
  • Improvements for Internet Explorer 7-8
  • Over 80 issue tickets are resolved and closed
  • User’s Guide is revised and updated to 412 pages

See the full changelog of 1.1.RC1 and 2.1.RC1 for detailed information. For backward compatibility documentation see the migration guide. You can grab the release at downloads page, also PrimeFaces User’s Guide has been revised and reached 412 pages now.

Finally if you are wondering about what’s coming up in PrimeFaces, take a look at the short term roadmap.


3 Responses to PrimeFaces 1.1.RC1 and 2.1.RC1 Released

  1. Thang Pham says:

    Thanks for all your hard work. I will definitely try them out. Is there much differences between the 2.1 RC1 and the 2.1RC1 SNAPSHOT?

  2. Hi Thang, it will depend on which 2.1.RC1-SNAPSHOT you have tried before. If it is one from July, there are not many differences.

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