PrimeFaces and Spring WebFlow

We as PrimeFaces Team, have been working with Spring WebFlow team for quite some time for enhanced SpringWebFlow-PrimeFaces-JSF 2.0 integration. And last week outcome of this work is revealed for the first time with Spring WebFlow 2.2.M1 release featuring support for JSF 2.0 ajax, partial state saving and more. Official announcement is at SpringSource Team Blog.

After the release, I got together with SWF 2 lead Rossen Stoyanchev once again(we both live in London) to sync things up, our plan is to sync SWF 2.2 and PrimeFaces 2.2 release dates to provide production ready SWF-JSF2-PrimeFaces Integration.


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  1. Clarence says:

    Dear all,

    I have been using Spring Webflow with JBoss Richfaces for my last project, which run into quite a lot of problems when deploying to our app server (we are using Websphere), especially when using Ajax features. I am very excited to see Spring Webflow and Primefaces working together and quite impress on the components provide by Primefaces. If the integration can be test on more different app server platforms and ensure the compatibility, I am quite sure that I will turn myself into SWF + Primefaces. It’s quite painful for me as a developer in doing troubleshooting when something just doesn’t work after deploying to our App Server.

    Thanks a lot for the great tools!

  2. modest says:

    Are we there yet???

    First off, great work thus far and am really excited to see a production build of WebFlow and PrimeFaces 2.2.

    I am prototyping a project for my company and require data iteration component akin to rich:extendedDataTable and rich:columns. I see that primefaces recently added dynamic columns in 2.2 but the latest snapshot breaks the other components that i’m playing with as well, namely Calendar and accordian. Am I doing something wrong?? I did notice that you switched from yui calendar in 2.0 to jquery calendar in 2.1, is that correct? I am basing this off the skins that are being used.

  3. Hi,

    We’re almost there, just bits and pieces are remaining, we’re in constant touch with SWF team.

    Regarding your PF related questions, please use support forum.

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