Screencast : How to Create Your Own PrimeFaces Theme

I’ve created a screencast to demonstrate how easy it is to create your own themes with themeroller for your PrimeFaces applications.


4 Responses to Screencast : How to Create Your Own PrimeFaces Theme

  1. Quoobik says:

    It’s great you made video like this one! PrimeFaces are perfect, I like it so much!!!!

    I made it similar 2 weeks ago – but :
    1./ I added new theme into /css folder located directly under webapp dir
    2./ modified GuestPreferences session-scoped bean theme attribute
    3./ main template’s element remained without any changing

  2. Hi,

    Great tool.
    Just what I have been waiting for.
    Unfortunately components that are rounded display as square in internet explorer 7.
    Looks great with firefox but not as great with ie.

    Any plans to make the themed components more consistent across


  3. Hi Paul,

    From themeroller site;

    Browser Support Notice
    ThemeRoller uses CSS3 border-radius for its round corners. Due to lack of support, corners will appear square in Internet Explorer. ThemeRoller also currently produces transparent PNG images. We plan to upgrade the icons to support IE6 very soon, but for the time being, you will need to use a pngFix plugin to get good-looking icons in IE6.

  4. Hi, thanks for your work on Primefaces. Ive used them quite a bit lately, but never took a look at this Themeroller thing until today. Real nice.

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