PrimeFaces Support in NetBeans 6.10

NetBeans 6.10 has a surprise for PrimeFaces Community, beginning with 6.10 NetBeans provides PrimeFaces integration. NetBeans team contacted me some time ago before they’ve started working on this and we’ve agreed on NetBeans bundling PrimeFaces. Now NetBeans 6.10.M1 is released so we can try the early access version of this support.

Most important thing is as I’ve mentioned, PrimeFaces is now bundled with NetBeans so you don’t need to download PrimeFaces manually. When creating a new JSF project, there is a new components tab where you can select the optional JSF component suite for your project. As PrimeFaces is the only production ready library for JSF 2.0, NetBeans team have decided to start their improved JSF 2.0 integration with PrimeFaces so there are no other choices at the moment. Here are some screenshots which are also available on NetBeans What’s New and Noteworth WIKI for 6.10.

Component Wizard

Code Completion

I hope by the time NetBeans 6.10 goes final, we’ll be able to finalize 2.2 so current version in NetBeans(2.1) can be updated.

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  1. The bundling will not help existing PrimeFaces fans as new features, enhancements are being added very frequently (every two days) to PrimeFaces. So to keep up with the latest cum interesting stuff, we will always prefer to use Maven and the snapshots :).

    But anyways other users who are new to PrimeFaces will like the bundling as it will be easier for them to get started with PrimeFaces.

  2. I will agree to that 🙂

  3. I was desperately waiting for this news. Wooohooo..

  4. Diego Gil says:

    Now, Visual JSF is the next goal ! 🙂

  5. Christopher says:

    I knew this day will come because I personally think it is a good combination. In fact, I wrote some tutorials in Netbeans wiki and dzone late last year on using Primefaces in Netbeans,, and Not sure if those stirred the interest of the Netbeans team 🙂

  6. Hi Christopher, I’ve read your articles before. Great work. Thanks for your contribution to PrimeFaces by providing these articles.

  7. Christopher says:

    Hi Cagataycivici, don’t mention it, I was just sharing my experience with the community and I think folks in PrimeFaces are doing a good job. I personally feel that it is one of the best JSF UI Component library out there, and even today, I’m still actively using it for my pet projects. PrimeFaces, great stuff!

  8. Eddy says:

    I ran into an important issue, and it took some time to figure it out: When creating a new project in Netbeans 6.10M1, the PrimeFaces Resource Servlet configuration is automatically done in a “web-fragment.xml” file. But the use of this kind of file is part of the servlet 3.0 spec. So when using the bundled tomcat 6 server, it is necessary to copy this configuration into web.xml… I Hope this helps someone else…

  9. lather says:

    This is great, Netbeans doesnt support visual development using JSF and facelets. Eclipse seemed somewhat better with their support for visual component drag and drop using jboss tools. Next expected as Diego says is Visual Web development environment for primefaces in Netbeans. Lets us decide with primefaces how to move for that goal

  10. michiel says:

    yesterday I ran into an article from Cay Horstmann about PrimeFaces/NetBeans combination:

  11. this is really great!!!

  12. Richard Kolb says:

    One word. ‘Wow’!

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