PrimeFaces Support in Eclipse Helios

After yesterday’s announcement about NetBeans 6.10 support in PrimeFaces, I’ve started thinking about what we can do for PrimeFaces users who have Eclipse Helios to develop their applications. So I’ve downloaded helios and created a sample JSF 2.0 project, after playing with xhtml editor I could only get completion support for tags not the attributes for a tag. Then I’ve figured out that Helios is scanning facelet taglib and so added the attribute metadata to facelet taglib by changing our PrimeFaces code generator plugin and that was it. Now Helios users can get tag and attribute completion with description support as well. Here are some screenshots;

Almost every Eclipse Helios user in PrimeFaces community asked for this support, we even have an issue ticket about this. So I’m glad that we can deliver this functionality to our users with PrimeFaces 2.2.M1.


7 Responses to PrimeFaces Support in Eclipse Helios

  1. Sam Wu says:

    As an Eclipse Helios user I am really happy to hear that PrimeFaces now supports tag attributes with the Content Assistant wizard in Eclipse. Thank you for the hard work and keep up with the good work with PrimeFaces!

  2. Michael says:

    That is great news. Do you have a step by step guide to enabling this in Eclipse Helios.

    Is the Primefaces code generator plugin for Eclipse downloadable?

  3. No need to do anything, if PrimeFaces jar is in classpath, helios scans the jar automatically for completion support.

  4. marlon says:

    there is an deliver date for PrimeFaces 2.2.M1?

  5. Next week hopefully.

  6. servlet says:

    Good, but I was the first to bring this issue since Helios release and only now primefaces team provided this work around.

  7. Cody says:

    Any chance this could be supported for 1.x?

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