PrimeFaces 2.2.M1 Released

Prime Technology is glad to announce that PrimeFaces 2.2.M1 is released. This is a major release featuring core enhancements, new components, bug fixes and more. You can get the new release from downloads section at PrimeFaces HomePage.

Here are the highlights of this release, full changelog is also available.

Standard JSF 2.0 Ajax APIs

PrimeFaces is known as the only production ready library for JSF 2.0, although this is true, there was still a lot to improve. We were using a custom ajax implementation based on a phaselistener, that is gone now as we’ve fully migrated core partial page rendering and all ajax enabled components to standard JSF 2.0 APIs.  2.2.M1 contains all the components we have compared to previous version, no component/feature is left behind.

Standard JSF 2.0 Resource APIs

Another area to improve was resource loading, PrimeFaces had it’s own resource servlet to load resources, now with 2.2.M1 it is gone now since we’ve migrated resource management to JSF 2.0 Resource APIs.

Client Behavior Support

Many PrimeFaces components are now aware of client behaviors, for example you can take advantage of f:ajax or p:ajax on p:spinner, p:autoComplete and many more.

Zero-Config, Lightweight, No Dependencies

As a result of first class JSF 2.0 support, we’ve removed many stuff and made PrimeFaces more lightweight than ever. PrimeFaces does not require any configuration any more since Resource Servlet is gone and p:ajax is a clientbehavior now. Although we have many new features, jar size is even smaller now.

Brand New DataTable

DataTable is rewritten from scratch, we’ve fixed many issues and introduced cool features like paging, sorting, filtering, dynamic columns, grouping, live scrolling, in-cell editing, row expansion and many more.

Closed Tickets

In total, 141 tickets in our issue tracker are fixed and closed. These include new features and bug fixes.

New Components

As with any PrimeFaces release, we have new stuff for you. Fieldset, Galleria, Button and new Resizable components are introduced with this release.


In general we’ve also spent a lot of time for maintenance of current components, almost all components are touched and refactored.


This release features more components with themeroller support, tooltip, terminal, keyboard are few to name.


User’s Guide still covers 2.1 and we’ll update it along with 2.2 final release.


So what is next? We at Prime Technology have a quite busy september regarding development work, training and consulting for our clients so we’ll probably be pretty busy with these until october. Next release would be hopefully at first week of october which is 2.2.RC1 and at second week of october we’ll release 2.2. final, then start working on building next generation PrimeFaces 2.2.1 which will introduce even more new stuff. PrimeFaces is currently the most popular JSF 2.0 component suite, we’ll make sure it stays like that in the future as well.


27 Responses to PrimeFaces 2.2.M1 Released

  1. Michael says:

    Congratulations. We are using it in our projects and are amaze with the simplicity and smarts it provides.

    Not sure if tree drag and drop will make it to 2.2 RC1.

  2. Timotius Pamungkas says:

    Great work

  3. ruddy_robot says:

    Wow, Super!
    Thank you!
    PS: But I only found sources and binary where is the apidoc?

  4. user says:

    is there a change in the xmlns uri?

  5. @user, namespace is same, no change.
    @ruddy_robot: Api/tld docs will be available with 2.2 final.
    @michael: Tree enhancements are for 2.2.1.

  6. Eddy says:

    Great, keep up the good work

  7. marlon says:

    I am eclipse helios user and i want use primefaces, i am running my page test in Tomcat v6.0 (hello world) but i can`t display the primefaces component. I try with p:accordionPanel following example in primeface user guide and i have same result … nothing.

    Any help for my first test?

  8. peter says:

    Will upcoming version(s) of primefaces still be available for JSF 1.2?

  9. 1.2 supported it dropped with previous release cycle(1.1/2.1), 1.1 was the last release for JSF 1.2.

  10. Really great work!!


  11. Ian says:

    I’m just looking at PrimeFaces for the first time and would like to download the JSF1.2 version (1.1?) – is it available somewhere?

    Many thanks

  12. Ian, JSF 1.2 support is dropped in 1.1/2.1 release cycle as we’ve announced before.

  13. marlon says:

    Any example project in Eclipse Helios and Tomcat? I need special configuration?

  14. Chris says:

    Congratulations and thank you to the Primefaces team for providing the JSF community with a world-class OSS component suite. I will continue to use Primefaces on my current projects as well as my new projects at Novartis Pharmaceuticals – I’m psyched to hear my division leverages JSF and Netbeans. I’ll work on that support license :).

  15. Jorge Gomes says:

    I change de jar primefaces 2.1 by 2.2M1 in tomcat 6 SERVER 2.5

    and delte de configuration resource servlet, by tthe componets dont’ hava theme?? in jar 2.1 this work, i use default theme

  16. Alan Meller says:

    Could you tell me what why the hell would you want to change name of basically css classes? I just upgraded from 2.0 to 2.2 and NOTHING works. I need to rename all my classes in css.

    So please, could you tell me if all open source community made this decision about renaming css classes? Because I believe one person wouldn’t be able to came up with such an idiotic idea.


  17. So you say I’m an idiot?

  18. Danilo G. Magrini says:

    @Alan Meller take it easy. I think you should at least have respect. I’m sure with respect solve your problems easier than you think.

  19. I totally agree with Danilo. Anybody should remember that this is an Open Source project – no matter what high quality comes from it. You get all this stuff for free, so I do not think renaming your css-classes once in a while is too high a price, don’t you think?

    Personally I think as long as Cagataycivici is the only developer working his ass off for this project, no one should talk to him in such a rude tone. Anybody concerning himself with long term projects knows that there comes at least once a time where you need to do some serious refactoring and maybe this was the time for the css part.

  20. Alan Meller says:

    No guys, don’t take it personally, but please, answer me. Why did you do that? Cause from my perspective this change gives no benefit to the user, so (because it breaks something) is just a lack of respect to my time. The time I spent adopting my application to 2.0 version. Please, next time just think before making unnecessary change which breaks code written on top of your library.


  21. Alan Meller says:

    And about respect: it’s hard to be calm when you’re really pissed off, just because you need to make a lot of additional work and you strongly believe this is because someone did something wrong. Changing css classes is just one example. Another one: did you really have to remove documentation for version 2.0 from your webpage? Why? Don’t you care about users using 2.0? Please, respect your users and I assure you – they will hardly ever write on your blog in a way I wrote yesterday.


  22. Daniel says:

    First of all PrimeFaces seems very cool, and the fact that is should work on GAE made me try it… But i cant manage to get it working :/
    Why is that after adding primefaces-2.2.M1.jar or primefaces-2.2.RC1-SNAPSHOT.jar to Java Build Path the f:ajax stops working? , after removing the primefaces-2.2.M1.jar the f:ajax is working again? (I tried it several times)
    I’m developing on GAE, JSF2

    Also, i tried the Ajax Submit from the example of the showcase it does not work :/

    Any help will be appreciated

  23. samk says:

    Congratulations. We are using it in our project and are amazed with the ease with which we can program JSF.

    It would be great, if Calendar with time part will make it to 2.2 RC1.

    Congratulations Once again and Thanks a lot for your efforts in making a such a beautiful work

  24. Kassie says:

    Great product Alas, dynamic tooltip now broken with new version ! Backwards compatibility ? Thats ok, but just let us know how to fix bits which break wih new releases

  25. tim says:


    Will 2.2 be back ported to JSF 1.2?

    I see that versions 1.1 and 2.1 have gone from the download page.
    we are using glassfish 2.1.1 so JSF 2.0 is not a possibility …



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