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I’d like to announce a change in PrimeFaces documentation. PrimeFaces User’s Guide will be renamed to PrimeFaces Book and be commercial to create financial resources for the project. The document is already 413 pages and we’ll enhance it with how-to guides and more to add even more value. Sale price of the book will be only 9.90 Euros. For minor releases/updates you can get the updated book without buying it again but for major releases (2.2 -> 2.3) purchase of new copy is necessary. So Why This Change?

Owner of PrimeFaces, Prime Technology, which I’ve co-founded is a startup company. As most of other startups resources aren’t something we have a lot. Still PrimeFaces managed to be the most popular component suite for JSF 2.0 (I think we’re doing a good job) even though our dedicated resources for PrimeFaces is only 20 dollars per month(hosting) compared to sponsored libraries like Oracle ADF Faces, or JBoss RichFaces. I assume their budget is more than 20 dollars and developers of these libraries are getting their regular paycheck at the end of the month.

PrimeFaces is not the only open source library that aims to create resources by selling documentation, examples I can think of are iText and JFreeChart. So in summary, we’re adopting the same model and starting with upcoming PrimeFaces Book that covers PrimeFaces 2.2 we’ll be applying this change. I think this is the only way to do it without damaging the open source nature of PrimeFaces as we’ll never change the license(Apache2) and close down the source. I hope PrimeFaces community will understand the necessity of this change and support the development of PrimeFaces by purchasing the PrimeFaces Book which is quite cheap(9.90 Euros) compared to a publisher book.


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  1. James says:

    I will buy it, just for support 🙂 Will there be a eBook version too? Would be nice for my eBook reader! And please eneable PayPal payment!

  2. Hi James,

    Thanks for your support. Only pdf version will be available and paypal payment will be supported for sure.

  3. Nice idea. +1 James’s PayPal payment option suggestion. I will buy 5 books for all my employees.

  4. Willy says:

    I certainly wouldn’t mind paying for the book, because I would like to support PrimeFaces. There are however some minor issues with the previous PDF documentation that should ideally be resolved if one is going to pay for documentation.

    Problem is that some headers and paragraphs do not display on screen, but do appear on print of PDF. I used Adobe Reader (latest) to view PDF. I think the issue was due to the software used to render the PDF.

    I actually tried to log this on the support forum a while back, but had an issue at the time to log this on the forum.

  5. Hi Willy,

    We are using Pages to create the documentation, we’ll switch to openoffice from now on. That should fix it. We’ll test as well.

  6. George de la Torre says:

    Great idea, our team will buy for sure!

    One suggestion for a possible chapter is a “Primefaces Extension”.
    A guide on how to add custom (jQuery, YUI, JavaScript, etc.) widgets – the Primefaces way.


  7. Hi George,

    Sure we can add it to the new Extending PrimeFaces section and provide a simple component implementation with PrimeFaces way.

  8. Rodrigo Troy says:

    We will buy it. Great work.

    Regards from Chile

  9. Stephan Bardubitzki says:

    Great idea Cagatay!

    However, I would consider it as fair if those guys and gals who already made financial contributions to PF by donations will receive there first PF book for free.

  10. Boros Attila says:

    I will happily buy the book, please enable payment with MasterCard or Moneybookers.

    I would prefer a digital format book (PDF).

  11. Ara says:

    May be in this case you will be able to provide little bit more support? For example answer couple of questions commercially?

  12. Mediii says:

    I will buy it for support and for your great job cagatay.

  13. Tamir Efron says:

    Sad news,
    Of course the unavoidable reality of money takes out all the fun.
    I will probably purchase the book, but I can already see the answer to every simple question will be “buy the new book!”
    Too bad, but you got to eat…
    It is a very nice component suite however, and it is better than what ice-faces is doing, only giving the basic components for free.

  14. Armando Flores says:

    I am still using PF 1.1 because I use Seam. Nevertheless I really like PF, and your great job. I will buy it anyway to be “ready” when switching to JSF.

  15. Armando Flores says:

    To JSF2 I mean… =)

  16. Lhoussinux says:

    Great idea! but, the problem is that students (like me) can’t buy this book, so why not having one very simple and very small book which helps particulars to get started with PF for free, and one very detailed for entreprises?! like in forums.

  17. cj91 says:

    I’ll definitely buy it in PDF form. Please keep the showcase code free though! You need something to get new users hooked 😉

  18. siva says:

    Happy to pay to Primefaces

  19. tmsanchez says:

    I agree with this and I think is correct to support this great project.

    Please publish in your website how can we make the payment.


  20. moktc says:

    Look forward to purchasing the guide.

  21. Kiwi Stu says:

    I’d be up for buying it in PDF.
    Please see if you can get the finished PDF to have bookmarks inside it so it’s easy to navigate around the document, rather than always going back to the Table of Contents.

    Regards from New Zealand

  22. Steve Taylor says:

    Good idea, I’ll buy it. However, if I was a new user and saw that the only decent documentation had to be bought, primefaces probably wouldn’t get a look-in. You really need to ensure new users feel like they don’t have to buy the book. Once they really get into using primefaces, most will buy the book anyway.

  23. Thanks everyone for their nice feedback, we’ll revise the user’s guide according to these and update it. It’ll be probably aroudn 450 pages. For new users and people who don’t want to buy the book, I think PrimeFaces Showcase will be the simple alternative for documentation since it contains many examples with source code. PrimeFaces Book will contain full attributes list and descriptions, getting started, usage of features, skinning guide, tips and tricks, best practices and the new how-to section where we’ll provide examples for many common use-cases. Thanks everyone for their support.

  24. Ramo says:

    Hey Cagatay,

    so it’s time for the book. i’ll buy it too for sure. It’s a very nice and flexible project.


  25. I support the idea. But please keep the older versions of guide available (at least for version 1.x). As a Seam user i am stuck with 1.x version as of now and hence need to refer 1.x version.

  26. Thibaud says:

    I will buy too, to support the project.

    May i do an other suggestion? Why don’t you add a Flattr button on your website/blog ?
    We could flattred you each time PF helps us in our difficult job of designing “rich web application” 🙂
    At the end flattr may become an other source of money…


  27. Cagatay,

    You have done so much for my company, buying the book is the least I can do.


  28. mbauer77 says:


    10 Dollars is exactly the right amount of money that makes it feasibly for anybody to spend. If we had to pay you or your team for the amount of time that you spend in helping us or improving the lib it would be a lot more.

    So yes, of course i will buy the book.

    Thanks, Markus

  29. Theo says:

    Hello Cagatay,

    I would buy the book, as well. But I totally agree with Steve Taylors comment. New users to PF might not adopt PF because they need to pay for documentation to get started.

    And please improve the overall quality of the documentation (navigation, examples, completeness).

  30. I think new users can use the showcase examples to get started.

  31. James Khoo says:

    I been using Prime-Faces since version 1, I will paid for the book..

    The other way I think we could help to continue support this Solid JSF components is use a points reward system on requesting new features..which may urgently needed by each individual..

    For example, a US10 may give us 100 points..
    A simple feature may require 10 points
    A complex feature may require 1000 points

    When we urgently need feature to be roll out in next release, we could redeem our points for feature request, when a feature collected all the points require, it will move to next release cycle, else it stay on usual cycle base on their priority

    Just my two cents

  32. siva says:

    When you start to sell Primefaces Book?

  33. Cristian says:

    Same question : When ?
    I would like to buy that book and become a contributor as well,even if at the beginning i will be a kind of a tester by using it and reporting the problems.
    I am interested also in touch faces.

  34. Book will be released when 2.2 is released. We’ll first release 2.2.RC and then start working on the book while release candidate is tested by community. This is the plan.

  35. Dino says:

    Why don’t you use LaTeX for writing the Book? It’s the solution that makes the most sense. Especially when your writing a book that needs to have bookmarks.

  36. John Doe says:

    I’ll buy the eBook also. However, I think the new version should be “lighter”. Code examples/tables in the current pdf have additional background layers and shadows that makes rendering kinda heavy. Most of the time, when I’m skipping sections looking for something, the pages slowly redraw part by part…

  37. Ramy says:

    What about letting the user choose the book’s price with 9,90 Euro being the minimum? This way the purchase of the book and donations can be combined.

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