PrimeFaces Sample on GAE

Some time ago, I’ve blogged about my proof-of-concept work about deploying PrimeFaces Showcase to Google AppEngine and how it worked. Due to high demand from PrimeFaces Community, with some late night coding I’ve created a sample called appengine under PrimeFaces subversion examples repository.

For a quick start here is the live example;

And the complete project with jars included;

And old showcase is also still running at;

Upcoming PrimeFaces Book will also have a dedicated section for GAE, for now I think this app would be very helpful if you need an sample with configuration and jars.


4 Responses to PrimeFaces Sample on GAE

  1. Daniel says:

    Just wanted to day that PrimeFaces is awesome! Really great work! and another great thing about it is that its working on GAE! (while other JSF frameworks does not support it)

    I had to mention that primefaces did not work properly for me till i did the following (and i know its solved many issues to other primefaces users too, so iI will post it here):

    Here it is: download latest mojarra , binary and source put the jars (jsf-api.jar & jsf-impl.jar ) in build path, than create a package com.sun.faces.config in src and drop the file (you can find it in source zip) into the created package and comment the entire body of the method called private void processJndiEntries(String contextName) than configure your web.xml liek it sayed in

    Here is the original thread

  2. Ara says:

    Most useful comment for a half of the year!!! Thank you.

  3. Bruno says:

    What about the DataTable menu at appspot? There is no link to

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