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As with any PrimeFaces development iteration, we try to add new features, fix reported bugs and enhance/maintain current features. Design principle of a PrimeFaces component is “It must be cool and look cool”. One component that was against this was PickList, here is an old screenshot of old picklist;

Pretty lame right? So when a PrimeFaces component is not cool, we usually reimplement it to match PrimeFaces standards preserving the backward compatibility as much as we can, here is how new PickList looks;

The look and feel satisfies the “look cool” part but what about the “be cool” part. New PickList features DragDrop based Reordering, various transition effects (e.g. fade, bounce, puff, clip …), theme support(all 28 themes and your custom PrimeFaces themes are supported) and more.

Live Demo to try the new PickList Beta is at .


18 Responses to New PrimeFaces PickList

  1. Daniel says:

    Looks great!
    But there is a lack of the basic “double click” on value feature…
    Usually the pick list support double click on value to move it without the need to select and click on arrow…
    Will the feature of double click be added to the Pick List?

  2. As it is a new component, early feedback is welcome and thanks for your suggestion Daniel, I remember old picklist having dblclick support, we sure can add it to the new one, noted it down. Thanks!

  3. Theodor Richard says:

    Awesome! I’ve been waiting for this. And, yes, double click support would be great. Keep the good work, Cagatay!

  4. Nikolay Rychkov says:

    Double slider is appreciated!

  5. Cristian says:

    Just tried PrimeFaces.It is amazing !

    Wanted to ask you if you still work on ?

    Another question :
    How do you see an application developed for touchscreens using PrimeFaces ?
    I used in chrome (fullscreen) everything works fine except drag and drop…

    There i do not know how to solve the issue since the plugin
    used get the events…

    Any ideea ?

  6. Cristian says:

    PS. Thank you for all

  7. Cristian says:

    BTW : i tried primefaces on an Ipad
    It works very very good,
    Only problems i had were related to drag and drop and to the live scroll demo.
    Is there something that can be done related to this…
    I can do it …if there are no resources with a little bit of guidance…

  8. Barry says:

    It looks great, but to be honest I’d rather see improved function. For example how about moving a selected group up or down within the selected list. Or allowing a new selection to be added before/after an existing element or to the top/bottom of the list.

  9. Barry says:

    oops, my bad – did not know about d-n-d. That is really great and I’ll replace my butt-ugly home-grown one with yours! and thanks for this great widget set.

  10. PickList is still under construction, we’ll also add up, down buttons.

  11. Figura says:

    Great work on the new picklist! Hope to see the “double click” support before the 2.2 release. Also, in my opinion it would be better to have a “source” and “target” attributes on the tag, instead of having a “value” attribute that uses a DualListModel.

  12. Rodrigo Barrientos says:

    Really cool man!
    Is possible put the components bar in eclipse like icefaces???
    thank you!

  13. A B says:

    Looks like I can add a comment only on the last entry so adding it here instead of the roadmap entry – I am searching for the release date of 2.2 and couldn’t find it anywhere. Somewhere it did mention about October second week, but that seems to not have happened. I need to present this in our company as a possible library we want to use but need to have release availability date prior to my pitch. Can you please let me know that information?


  14. 2.2.RC should be available in a couple of days.

  15. A B says:

    Thank you. And the final date – is it available? Also, if I have questions regarding primefaces that may get asked of me during the presentation – if i need clarifications – is this the way I ask them or is there other avenue I need to follow? I understand that there is enterprise support, but I am really thinking about questions that may arise before our architects allow this to be used in the enterprise.

    Thanks again.

  16. 2.2 final should be out on 8th of October, for questions you can use support forum. It is open to everyone. Your architects can join as well 😉

  17. A B says:

    Did you mean 8th of November ( hopefully not 8th October, 2011 🙂 ) ?


  18. 8th of November, if not 15th. I think 2 weeks is enough to see community feedback on the RC. In 2 weeks we plan to finish the documentation(PrimeFaces Book) and fix any reported bugs.

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